Here is a list of 6 "Frequently Asked Questions" click on them to read their answers.

1- Why are registry cleaners an important component of PC Maintenance?

From Wikipedia:

Registry cleaners, or registry cleanup software, may improve the performance of computers by ridding the registry of redundant information.

Due to the sheer size and complexity of the registry database, manually cleaning up debris and invalid entries would be impractical, so registry cleaners are essentially tools that automate the process of looking for invalid entries, missing file references or broken links within the registry and resolving them.

The correction of an invalid registry key can provide some benefits. For example, on older versions of Windows, a registry entry indicating a program should be run at startup from a network path that no longer exists can delay startup by as long as the network protocol takes to timeout. [...]

Noted Windows architecture expert Mark Russinovich has concluded that registry cleaners will continue to have a role until most applications have moved to the .NET Framework platform that does not rely on the registry for application settings.

Some registry cleaners offer backup and restore functions that allow the user to revert changes made by the registry cleaner in case they are undesired. A registry cleaner may be useful for someone that adds or removes programs from their computer very often. [...]

2- How do I install and activate QUAD Registry Cleaner?

  1. Click on the download link button to download the installer
  2. Run the installer
  3. Select the language you wish to install QUAD Regsitry Cleaner in
  4. Download the software
  5. Accept the license agreement and select the destination folder for saving the program

To have unlimited access to QUAD's features, you must purchase a license. Without this license you will not be able to operate the cleaning function of the software. Once you purchase the license you will be sent a product key through a confirmation email to the address you've given us.

  1. After retrieving the key, click on "register" within the software
  2. Follow checkout instructions

And you're on your way to making your computer run faster and more efficiently!

3- Why QUAD over other registry cleaners?

The purpose of a registry cleaner is to remove errors that are affecting the overall speed, and performance of your operating system. By the same token, if you're downloading software to make your computer work faster, why not download software that completes the task as quickly and efficiently as possible?

QUAD Registry Cleaner works very quickly, and was developed to be extremely user-friendly:

Just Scan the Registry, and Repair!

The software is complete and powerful; it's not just a generic registry cleaner:

  • It includes a system restore option (in case you've made changes to your registry that you didn't mean to make).
  • It gives you the ability to deselect certain programs that are automatically set to start when you turn your computer on.
  • It gives you the power to add or eliminate Internet Explorer plug-ins that affect browser speed.

4- How often should I use QUAD Registry Cleaner?

No matter how much you use your computer your registry is bound to slow you down if there are programs in there that are never used, or if you have a build-up of invalid registry keys, and file path errors.

If you want your PC to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible, you'll automatically schedule a registry-cleaning on a monthly basis. If you use your computer more often than the average user, you might be inclined to run QUAD Registry Cleaner more often.

5- Is QUAD Registry Cleaner safe to use?

QUAD guarantees that your computer will be safe using QUAD Registry Cleaner.

QUAD Registry Cleaner backs up the registry, and ensures that if ever anything goes wrong, the user can rollback the version of the registry before the repair.